Role-specific onboarding with Appcues + Salesforce

Appcues + Salesforce

If you already know a user's department in Salesforce, why ask them again in Appcues? Pull their department from Salesforce and provide a more personalized onboarding experience based on their profile and likely interests. 

What metric will this impact?

Activation and retention. Faster, easier time-to-value increases your chances of engaging a user and retaining them for a longer period of time.

How does this work?

From Salesforce, you'll need the "department" or "role" field on the user object/profile. Then in Appcues we'll build the onboarding content. 

In Appcues, build out an onboarding experience for your users and include specific content for each role type. The Product-led Growth: Evaluators Playbook is a great place to start for the type of content you should create. 

For targeting the flow, in the Audience section find the salesforce property we connected for their department/role. And because this is for onboarding, you'll want to include targeting (possibly through a segment) for new users.

Publish, and let the onboarding begin!

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