A screen is used to determine if a flow should be shown in a particular location in your app. If the screen matches, and the user matches the targeting rules, then the flow will appear for the user.

How is a screen defined? 

A “screen” is a combination of a screenshot from your app, along with its selected elements. 

How do you define the elements?

Elements are identified by the accessibility tags in your app. You can identify these elements when a screenshot from your app is sent to your Appcues Mobile Studio account. 

When you’re on the Send a Screen page in your Studio account, your screenshot will automatically appear and you’ll be able to click anywhere on your screenshot to identify the available elements.

NOTE: Screenshots will only appear in your studio account if you’re on the Send a Screen page

When identifying elements, they will be identified as either a Unique Element (green) or a common element (yellow) based on their accessibility tags.

Attaching content to an element with a unique Accessibility ID means it will likely be attached to the same element across devices.

Attaching content to an element with a common Accessibility ID means it may not appear on the same element across devices.

We highly recommend you setup Accessibility IDs to ensure all your UI elements are unique. This significantly increases accuracy rates for tagging tooltips. We do have a default method where no tagging is needed but this approach is not recommended because of its inaccuracy rates.

How do I upload screenshots from my app to my Appcues Mobile Studio account?

In order to upload screenshots from your app, you first need to make sure your device is paired to your account.

NOTE: What is a pairing?

When your device is paired, you’ll notice an Appcues button in the top right corner of your app. When you click the button, you’ll see a Send Screen button. When you click Send Screen it will send your screenshot to the Upload Screen page in your Studio account, so you can identify the elements on the screenshot. 

NOTE: If you’re not on the Upload Screen page in your Studio account, your screenshot will never be available to use for any flow because you will not have identified your elements, and thus it cannot be used

Should I tag all the elements on an uploaded screen?

Generally this is not a good practice. Based on your app, you and your team will need to figure out how much you need to tag so that your screens are specific enough for the purpose of your flow, but not overly targeted that the smallest change in the screen will make it so your flow doesn't appear.

I know my app has accessibility tags, but I still can't select any elements?

Currently the SDK is designed to display all its content in an overlay over your app, and assumes the top most UIWindow of your app contains all of your app content and tags. If your app uses multiple UIWindows to show its content, the SDK may not be able to work on all of your content or select any tags. Also, ensure that the default accessibility language is English.