Pairing Devices

Pairing allows you to link your app with the Appcues SDK on your device to your Appcues Mobile Studio account. 

When your device is paired, you will see an Appcues button in the top right corner. This button is only visible to you on your device for as long as you’re paired.

When you click the button you’ll be presented with 4 options. 

  • Send Screen - To upload screens to your Studio account. See Screens
  • Preview Flows - If you press this, Appcues will determine which flows are available on this page of your app, and allow you to preview any of them, whether they are published or not. This preview will ignore all targeting rules and show you the flow. If you want to ensure your targeting is working, you’ll want to log out of Appcues on your app, go to the correct page in your app, and see if your flow shows up.
  • Screen Match - If you press this, Appcues will determine if any screens you’ve created match with this screen of your app, regardless if it’s being used in a flow or not. This tool can be used to help you determine if you’ve already made a screen from that part of the app, and what its name is, so you can go right to making a flow.
  • Log out - Use this to log out of Appcues on your app, so you can pair again later.

How To Pair Your Device

Pair your device from three locations within your Appcues Mobile Studio account. 

  • You can pair when you click Upload Screen when you’re building a flow. 
  • You can pair when your editing a flow and click the Preview button. 
  • You can pair when you go to settings and click Pair Device. 

When you click any of these pairing buttons, you’ll be presented with a QR code. Take your phone out, open your camera and put it over the QR code on the screen. Tap the notification that comes up, and you’ll immediately be taken to your app with Appcues enabled. 

If your camera doesn’t recognize the QR code for some reason, you can manually copy the link below the QR code into Safari, and it will do the same thing as tapping the notification.