Studio analytics overview

The step-by-step analytics section allows you to see a more granular view of the engagement with your flow. For each step in the flow, you can see: 

  • How many users saw the step
  • How many users completed the step
  • How many users had an issue with the step

By viewing this data as a funnel, you can see where users are dropping off and get insights into how you might better optimize your flow (ie shortening the step count). 


The issues column notates when Appcues is unable to display a step in the flow. 

This might happen because: 

  • Certain users have access to an element in your app, while others do not
  • There was an update to your app, and the selector changed
  • The selector is dynamically generated

To troubleshoot these issues, we recommend opening the flow in the Appcues Builder and viewing that particular step. This doc details how to identify and fix these issues further. 


It's important to note that this table will always show the most recently published step data. That means if you've changed the step order, added steps or removed steps after the flow was published, you might see discrepancies in your funnel. 

For example, if the first step moved to the end, and became the last step, it would look like this: 

If you added a new first step, after the flow had been published, it would look like this: 


Why is there a difference between the user count on the scoreboard and in the step breakdown?

This will only occur with hotspots because we report on hotspot interaction data a little differently than other pattern types. In the scoreboard, you will see how many users were shown the hotspot beacon. In the step breakdown, the 'Shown' column indicates how many users clicked the beacon and saw the hotspot content itself. 

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