Events Explorer (beta)

The Events Explorer can provide insights about your user's behaviors through the analysis of the events that occur within your platform.

Overview Chart

The Overview chart displays an at-a-glance view of your event stream, broken down by:

  • Total Events: The total number times an event has been received.
  • Unique Users: The number of times an event has been received by unique users.

Once specific events are added to the chart, you can toggle between a line chart or bar chart to better understand the data.


At the top of the page you have the option to filter the data displayed by timeframe, so you can view data for the last 7, 30, 60 or 90 days.

Event Source Table

There are four event types that are included in the Events Explorer, which you can toggle between.

  • Application Events: User events that your application sends to Appcues via our SDK, Segment or our server-side API.
  • Builder Events: Events you create in the Builder to track clicks on a specific element.
  • Checklist Events: Events that occur during a user's interaction with a checklist such as checklist started and checklist completed.
  • Flow Events: Events that occur during a user's interaction with a flow such as flow started, flow completed and issue events.

For each event, you will see the following data points:

  • Event Name: The name of the event received.
  • Total Events: The number of total event occurrences.
  • Unique Events: The number of unique users who triggered the event.
  • Last Triggered: The timestamp of the last time the event was received by Appcues.

Checklist Events

Within the Checklist Events category, you will find each checklist has an expandable line which reveals all of the sub-events for that checklist.

  • Checklist Started: Number of times a users sees the checklist.
  • Checklist Completed: Number of times a user fully completes the checklist.

Note: Total and Unique counts for checklists will always be the same because it is a persistent pattern.

Flow Events

Within the Flow Events category, you will find each flow has an expandable line which reveals all of the sub-events for that flow.

  • Flow Started: Number of times a user sees the first step in the flow.
  • Flow Completed: Number of times a user proceeds through every step of a flow and clicks close on the final step.
  • Flow Issues: Number of times an issue occurred which caused a flow to not show. Learn more.


You can search for events using the search bar on the top right of the Event Source table. Search is not case sensitive** and will apply to the specific event category you are viewing; it does not search across all event types.

Adding events for analysis

You can toggle between the different event types to view your events, select multiple events and add them to the overview graph for analysis. There is a maximum of 4 events that can be added.

Use cases to get started

  • Add a few Application events to the overview graph to get a quick insight into engagement with those events.
  • Add your Builder events to the graph to see how your users are interacting with your product.
  • Had a feature release recently? Add the flow you used to launch it and the (application or builder) event tracking the click to see how the flow influenced engagement.
  • Add one of your onboarding flows as well as key events that lead to activation (Application/Builder events) to see how the flow may be impacting behavior.


I created an event using a custom button in the Builder. Where can I see the data of this event?

Events created with custom buttons will show up under Application Events.

Why does checklist data in the table not correlate with the data charted on the graph?

Appcues considers the number of unique users who view a checklist to be the total number of views. The data shown in the Event Source table will display those unique counts, but the chart will display each user who saw the checklist on a certain day. For example, if a user saw the checklist on 5/7 days in a given week, the table will display 1 total event, but the user will appear 5 times on the chart (once for each of the 5 days they saw the checklist).

Known Issues being worked on

Total events display on Overview graph includes test flows and deleted flows. They will be removed.

The Overview chart is displayed in GMT time. At certain times of day (e.g. between 8-11:59pm EST), there will be an "extra" date ("tomorrow') appearing on the X axis. Note: this is most visible, and effects, users in time zones that are way ahead like Australia (which is +11 hours). For users in these locations, you will need to wait until 11am GMT time before the first numbers start showing for the date they know as "today".

Want to dig in deeper? 

If you're ready to dive into deeper analysis, we partner with a number of analytics tools: 

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