Add-on: Events Broadcaster

Events Broadcaster (Overview)

Appcues' Events Broadcaster is an add-on that automates the delivery of your Track Events (Builder) to every tool that you've integrated with Appcues, in real-time. Once you’ve connected a tool to Appcues, simply track an event using our Builder and we’ll do the rest—no code required. You can find a complete list of Appcues integrations here.

Appcues Track Events (Builder) are easily identified in your third-party tools. Look for "(Appcues)" appended to the event name, or by the Event "source", ie. "appcues/click-to-track". Here's an example of how an Appcues Track Event (Builder) appears in Segment:

Events Broadcaster can be added to any Appcues plan. To learn more about adding Events Broadcaster to your account, just ask your favorite Appcues team member for details or drop us a line at 

Why activate Events Broadcaster?

Events Broadcaster works with every existing Appcues integration including Segment and Zapier, enabling virtually endless possibilities. Being product-led has never been so easy—and literal.

  • Multi-channel campaigns. Trigger emails or other communications based on a user’s actions inside of your product, tracked and delivered by Appcues.
  • Customer-centricity, realized. Empower every teammate to be a customer expert by delivering key user actions and insights to the tools they use.
  • Unified business intelligence. Rely on a CRM, advanced analytics, or BI tool to monitor performance? No problem. Send Appcues events (virtually) anywhere.

Use cases and inspiration

  • Coordinate in-app and email campaigns. Trigger and personalize emails based on how users engage with your product. Start with a congratulatory message sent when users activate, or deliver adoption-focused campaigns to users who’ve engaged with specific features.
  • Increase visibility of customer feedback and actions. Connect Appcues to Slack to automatically share your users’ NPS, feedback, and key actions with your entire organization. Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses. We do it, and our team thrives on it. You should too!
  • Empower customer-facing teams with intelligence. Be a hero to your customer-facing teammates. When you send product usage data to CRM and customer service tools, you’ll empower your peers to have more informed and effective conversations with your users.
  • Finally aggregate your single source of truth. These days, centralizing sales, service, and marketing data isn’t enough. Complete your single source of truth with product adoption and engagement data, sent from Appcues to virtually any BI or reporting tool.
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