Updated Buttons

More Powerful Buttons

If you've seen the message below, then you've now got some really awesome new button capabilities for your experiences! 

1. Tooltips and Hotspots can now utilize custom buttons!

2. Tooltip and Hotspot buttons have a full list of dedicated actions that can be taken when a user interacts with them.

3. Dismiss links are as customizable as any other text block

4.  Buttons will now have font/text editing options

5. Buttons will now have more accurate padding & margin adjustments

6. Buttons can have their Fill color, Border Color, and Drop Shadow adjusted in the Builder!

7. Buttons can now have their Hover color, border, and drop shadow all adjusted in the Builder! 

8. The trigger flow button action can now redirect to another URL

9. All buttons will now behave the same, and have the same flexibility and customizability. This means we've removed the buttons in the sidebar that were limited in their styling. 

Tooltips that don't have a button with a "Next" action will automatically be set to progress when the element they're pointing to is clicked. 

NOTE: If you open an old flow, and notice any oddities with your button styling or notice missing custom CSS, you can either fix them or go back to the old buttons by clicking Switch Back in the sidebar. If you go back to old buttons, then you will not have access to the button options above.

You will only have the option to return to your old buttons while you are in that current building session for that specific flow.  

If you decide to return to your old buttons, you'll always have the option to re-enable the new buttons whenever you want by clicking the Switch option in the sidebar. 

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