Continuing the onboarding process outside of the product with Appcues + Segment + Drift

Appcues + Segment + Drift

Ecosystem intro:

Do you remember the last time you bought software? What did the process feel like?

Chances are, it went one of two ways. Either you landed on the site, filled out a form, waited for a call from an SDR, got “qualified” and then finally you were allowed to see a demo, or all of that happened in about 5 minutes, over chat, and you got your questions answered instantly.

If you chose answer number two, there’s a good chance that company was using Drift.

But what if...

Beyond qualifying leads, you could use Drift to identify returning trialers, and present them with a prescriptive experience guiding them to the next step in the product?

What metric will this impact?

By continuing onboarding outside of the product, you’ll be boosting free trial conversion, time to value, and marketing site conversion.

How does this work?

First, make sure your Segment data is flowing to both Appcues and Drift.

Next, use the events you’re measuring in your Appcues onboarding process to create branching logic in a Drift playbook made specifically for returning visitors.

Create one branch for each of the key phases of your product onboarding.

Finally, add permalinks from your Appcues flows to your Drift branches to ensure users get the right next experience.

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