Collect progressive data in-app and enrich your customer database with Appcues + Typeform + Zapier

Appcues + Typeform + Zapier

Ecosystem intro:

Typeform is an online form and survey solution that makes the data collection process more conversational and engaging for respondents.

Businesses of all kinds use Typeform to ensure a user friendly survey experience on their websites, in their marketing emails, and across data collection campaigns.

But what if…

You could skip the email surveys and make Typeform data collection a part of your app without writing ANY code?

Product-led businesses know that progressive data collection is a critical part of the user journey. Your product is an amazing channel to help enable that process.

What metric will this impact?

Survey response rate

How does this work?

First, create your survey in Typeform. You’ll use the embed code from the survey to add it to your Appcues content.

typeform gallery

Then, create an Appcues modal, and select a custom HTML module. Paste the embed code from your survey into the modal.

HTML input box in Appcues

Target your survey to the correct users using the “Target and Publish” page. 

Appcues Targeting

Finally, create a Zap to send your customer data to external systems like your CRM or MAP.

Zapier workflow
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