Continue your A/B tests in-product with Appcues + Optimizely + Segment

Appcues + Optimizely + Segment

Ecosystem intro:

Optimizely has long been a staple for growth teams, allowing them to run sophisticated growth experiments and personalized A/B tests on their marketing websites.

Historically, that personalization has ended at the point where a user signs up for a trial. When growth experiments are pointed only at acquisition, you’re leaving money on the table!

But what if... could connect all of the experiments you’re running on your marketing site with your in-app experiences?

Great product teams know that acquisition doesn’t mean much if prospects are jumping into a leaky bucket. By continuing to personalize your trial experience, you can ensure your experiments are making the biggest impact possible!

What metric will this impact?

Free trial signups, free to paid conversion, and trial to opportunity conversion.

How does this work?

Create a new experiment variation in Optimizely, and pass the variation data to Segment.

Pass your Optimizely data to Appcues, so that you can use it for targeting.

Create variations of your onboarding and trial sign up content based on your experiment messaging, and target them to recipients of your Optimizely variations. 

Publish your content, and hook up an analytics solution to see how the different groups perform! 

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