Trigger notifications based on predicted conversions with Appcues + Clearbrain + Segment

Appcues + Clearbrain + Segment

Ecosystem intro:

ClearBrain is a free-to-try causal analytics platform, built to inform data-driven growth teams. Their proprietary approach to determining causation uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to show you what user behaviors drive your most important conversions.

But what if... could use ClearBrain’s machine learning schema to automatically identify the next best action for a user to take, and prompt them in app?

Sound like magic? It’s possible, and it requires no code, and no analysis by your team. Just Clearbrain and Appcues.

What metric will this impact?

This formula can impact any in-product conversion you choose. Free trial conversions, feature adoption, you name it.

How does this work?

First, you’ll set up your Segment data in ClearBrain.

Then create a predictive goal in ClearBrain. These goals can include trial conversion, feature conversion, upsell, or anything else you want to optimize for.

Next, build a predictive audience in ClearBrain based on your intended conversion. You can choose the percentile you’d like to pass to Appcues. You’ll use segment to create a trait for that audience.

Finally, use the Segment properties you just created to target users in Appcues, by creating a new Segment of users containing that property. You can choose when and where this content appears, for example, you may only want to show users this pattern after a set amount of time or after certain activities occur.

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