Create new feedback in ProdPad with Appcues + Zapier

Appcues + Zapier + Prodpad

Ecosystem intro: 

ProdPad is an all-in-one product management software that provides everything you need to organize your product strategy. Think roadmaps, portfolio management, feedback, and documentation. 

PM’s use ProdPad to catalog feedback, and that feedback comes from all kinds of sources. 

But what if...

You could set up in-app surveys on specific features, roadmap ideas, or anything else, and send that feedback directly to ProdPad?

What metric will this impact?

This formula is geared towards helping your team explore data better, ship faster, and build all around amazing experiences for your users.

How does this work?

First, you’ll create your Appcues survey flows. Target them to the right users, maybe “activated free trialers” or “customers younger than 90 days,” and get ready to publish. 

Then, create a Zap that pulls in data from these experiences and creates new feedback entries in your ProdPad workspace.

While you’re at it, why not create a customer-feedback channel and ping the results over to Slack? 

Now, your team can view this data instantly, right from ProdPad! 

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