Cut down your forms and pass progressive customer data to Hubspot with Appcues + Zapier

Appcues + Zapier + Hubspot

Ecosystem intro: 

Hubspot has become one of the most popular SaaS platforms in the world. Users have access to a full suite of marketing, sales, and service features they can use to grow their business.

But what if...

The awesome progressive data you’re collecting with Appcues could be passed to the Hubspot contact record and used in customizing your campaigns? 

Progressive data collection is a growing practice among SaaS apps as allows teams to keep friction low by asking users for data “just in time”, instead of only in the beginning of the signup process. 

What metric will this impact?

By removing form fields, you will increase signup conversion. By personalizing content and experiences, you’ll see conversions increase downstream, too. 

What’s important here is friction reduction. When you’re asking for a ton of information upfront, conversion falls. By collecting data in-app with Appcues, you can update the CRM, personalize email campaigns, and trigger automation based on in-app form data.

How does this work?

First, you’ll create custom Appcues patterns that ask the user for the information you need to customize their experience, and add them just before you’ll want to use the information.

You may want to space these out over a couple of visits, and use custom buttons to make the process as easy as possible. 

Then, you create a zap that passes feedback or events as user property updates into Hubspot, to fill your key form fields.

That’s it! Now, you can use this data to customize emails, impact lead scores, trigger workflows, and much, much more. 

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