Notify your sales team when leads complete in-product onboarding with Appcues + Slack + Zapier

Appcues + Slack + Zapier

Ecosystem intro:

Aside from being an incredible example of product-led growth at it’s finest, Slack is one of the most widely used collaboration platforms of all time. Teams use Slack to centralize communications in one place, and ensure the right people have access to all of the information they need to work effectively.

But what if...

...your sales reps could get updates about the key actions their leads are taking in product, instantly? 

Modern sales teams are embracing a product-led approach. That means aligning the sales process with the buyers journey, and enabling reps to react to product activity in real time. With Appcues + Slack, you can make sure sales reps never miss a critical moment in the user journey.

What metric will this impact?

Trial conversion, Sales connect rate, reply rate

What’s the formula?

First, you’ll create your product onboarding flows in Appcues. These should align with all of the key stages in your buyers journey. Does the user need to invite other users? Is there a technical installation? Will any reports need to be built? Help your product sell these stages.

Once users have moved through these stages, you’ll want to use Zapier to pass flow completion events to the correct sales rep in Slack. To do this, you’ll create a Slack channel with your sales reps, and use a field like “account owner” for your Slack DM’s.

Once you’ve built your Zap, turn it on! Now, your sales team will be updated once your leads complete their onboarding checklists. This works with flows, as well.

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