Improve your collection rate with Recurly + Appcues + Zapier

Appcues + Recurly + Zapier

Ecosystem intro:

Recurly provides enterprise-class subscription billing management for thousands of businesses worldwide. Managing subscriptions, keeping track of your customers, and automating your billing process has never been easier. 

Sometimes, customers’ credit cards get declined. It’s a fact of life. Several recurring billing vendors like Recurly provide "dunning” process management applications to help you collect on these failed payments promptly.

But what if... could prompt users to update their credit card directly within the app, without writing code?

What metric will this impact?

Revenue collection rate, churn, revenue growth

By moving your dunning process into your app, you’re guaranteeing that your users see that their card needs to be updated the next time they log in. Plus, you’re not depending on users opening emails to see that their account could be deactivated if billing is not updated. 

What’s the formula?

1. Build a zap that passes failed billing notifications to Appcues from Recurly.

2. Create a segment in Appcues for users whose payments have failed. 

3. Design and build your Appcues experience, customizing with properties like {first_name}, or {company_name}.

4. Publish!

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