Improve trial conversion with Appcues + Loom

Appcues + Loom

Ecosystem intro: 

Loom helps sales and marketing teams create personalized, one-to-one videos quickly and easily. Their customers use Loom to improve sales prospecting, marketing, and customer success efforts.

But what if… could automatically send videos to every trialer from their opportunity owner, right inside your product?

What metric will this impact? 

This formula is geared towards improving trial to opportunity conversion rate—and thus trial to paid conversion—but using video in-product could also help improve customer success connect rate or feature adoption.

The differentiator here is noise-reduction. Salespeople are swimming upstream when it comes to trialer outreach. Email is a totally saturated channel. Using the product, you can avoid the noise and meet the trialer when they’re already thinking about your product!

What’s the formula?

First, create a personalized video in Loom. You’ll want to make sure the video is geared towards connecting with NEW trialers—and make sure the video is personalized so that they understand why it’s valuable to speak with your rep.

Image of a video within Loom

Next, choose your audience in Appcues, and create a segment of those users. Be VERY specific. For example, it may make sense to create different segments for different sales reps, so that you can show each of them a video from their assigned lead owner. 

Image of an audience segment within Appcues

Finally, embed the video in your Appcues content and publish it out to the segment you chose. Depending on your use case, it may make sense to change the CTA button to a calendar link for your rep, as well. 

Image of someone embedding a script for a video into Appcues

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