Show a Flow X Times

Would you like to show a flow beyond the standard frequency of showing a flow once or every time? This has probably crossed your mind; what about something in between?

If you’d like to show a flow 3 times (or any given number of times!) you can do that by specifying that condition in the ‘Audience’ targeting settings of the flow. Other than user properties or events, you can make use of the ‘Flow’ attribute that allows you to set a condition if a step of a flow should be seen or not seen first! 

By making use of that logic, we can then set a flow to show depending on how often we want it to show until it stops showing for a user! 

To do that, first, make sure your flow is set to 'Show every time'. While selecting this option will indeed show the flow every time, the criteria that we will set up in ‘Audience’ will act as our limiter as to when it should stop showing every time! 

Then, go to the ‘Audience’ targeting settings of the flow and select 'Specific Users' | 'Flow' | (name of flow you'd like to show 3 times) | 'has not been completed/seen' | at least '3' times 'previously'. 

This way, we're saying that if a flow has not been completed or seen at least 3 times, then it will keep showing this flow to the user. Of course, depending on your preference, you can mix up other conditions as well if you want to go for more extensive logic!

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