Show Once vs Show Every Time

Defining how often to display the flow

In the trigger section of your flows settings page, you'll have the frequency options to control how often users who qualify for the flow will see it. Even though there are only 2 options available, other frequencies (such as show 3 times or show once per week) can be set in the Audience Targeting, further down the page.

What these 2 options mean:
  • Show once: Once the user has seen the flow, it will not show again. This is dependent on a user seeing or completing the first step of the flow, and behavior can vary slightly depending on whether the first step is a modal, slideout, tooltip, or hotspot. For more information about this, check the note at the end of this article.
  • Show every time: The flow will show every time the user qualifies for the parameters you've set in Audience Targeting. This setting coupled with specific Audience Targeting will define when your flow will show and stop showing, allowing you to control how many times it will show.

Using audience targeting to set different frequencies

When using the frequency 'show every time', you can further dictate how often your flow will show using Audience Targeting. If you select Specific Users, you'll see a dropdown that contains different options: User Properties, Language, Flows, Checklists, Events and Segments. 

For instance, if you select 'Flow', you can choose the flow you're currently editing in order to say how many times you want to show it. For this, we'll use the conditions as 'Flow XYZ 'has not been completed/seen' at least '3' times 'previously' - this way, we're saying that if a flow has not been completed or seen at least 3 times, then it will keep showing this flow to the user. Please check the note below to understand why some flows are considered seen and others completed.

You can also control the cadence in which you'll show your flow, saying that it will show every 7 days, for instance. We'll use the same logic and say  'Flow XYZ 'has not been completed/seen' at least '1' time in the last '7' days.

A note on Step Completion:

To “Complete” a step depends on the step type.

Modals and Slideouts are considered completed when seen, so in the UI, those types of steps will show up as “has been seen”.

Tooltips and Hotspots are considered completed when the user has interacted with them. Continuing the flow by clicking a 'next' button or dismissing the flow will mark a tooltip and hotspot as having been completed. 

Important: this also means that if you set a flow to "Show Once" and it begins with a tooltip group, the flow will continue appearing until the user interacts with all the tooltips in the group. If a flow begins with a hotspot group, the user must interact with all the hotspots in the group before the flow is considered seen. 

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