NPS Best Practices

NPS Best Practices

There are a few things you should do to ensure you're ready to set up a successful NPS experience: 

  • Think strategically about when a user should first see NPS. Avoid asking new users who are still learning your product, and prioritize asking users who are activated and have had more time to learn your product. For this, you can use a user property that defines activation such as the user's account creation date or their subscription signup date.
  • Select a few pages to show or exclude your NPS from showing. To avoid your NPS from interfering with functionality in your app while your users are trying to work don't target your NPS to all pages.
  • Avoid asking users to submit NPS too often and make sure the frequency of your survey aligns with how frequently users are using your product. For example, if end-users are in your product only once a week, consider having more time pass between each time you deliver the survey (maybe every 4-6 months).
  • Give users more time when they click "Ask Me Later" to avoid rage clicks, ideally more than a week.

  • Follow-up NPS scores with a flow. When users submit an NPS response, that response is automatically captured into an auto property called “Most Recent NPS Score”. Use this property to create a Promoter, Neutral, and Detractor Segments and then use these Segments to target follow up Flows - Targeting Appcues Flows Based on Users' NPS Scores
  • When viewing your results in your NPS dashboard, use the Segment filter to see how your NPS may vary across your different user segments.

Need help getting your NPS set up? Please reach out to and we're happy to help!

To learn more about NPS, our documentation is a good resource: What is NPS?

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