How to use the Appcues Builder

The Appcues Builder is a Chrome Extension that allows you to Build Flows and create Click to Track Events

If you don't know what the Appcues Builder is and how to install it, check out our documentation: What is the Appcues Builder?

Any changes made to flows using the Appcues Builder are autosaved, the exception being navigation steps where you're required to actively save them.

Switch from Build Flows to Track Events

You can easily switch from Build Flows to Track Events at any moment from the Builder. To switch, select the desired option in the top center of the screen.

Open/Close the Builder

Once you've installed the Appcues Builder extension, navigate to a page where you want to create a flow or a track event and click on the extension to open the Builder.

Whenever you want to close the Builder, click on the Appcues Logo in the top center of the screen and select 'Close Builder'.

Access Step Settings

When you're building a Flow, you can bring back the settings for a particular step by clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom of the Builder.

Move the Builder

You may run into situations where you need to move the Builder in order to access or see a part of the screen. To do this, click on the arrow icon next to 'Edit Step'.

Clone a Step

In order to create an exact copy of the step you're currently on, click on the square icon (' Clone step') in the settings menu. This will add a clone of that step next to the original step.

Save a Step as a Template

In order to save a step as a template, click on the folder icon (' Save as template') in the settings menu, and the content and styling (font color, line height, margins, etc.) of that step will be saved. Settings like backdrop, beacon, or skipping options aren't saved. These are inherited if you add the step into an existing group or they will apply the default values if you create a new group. The Theme will also not be saved with the template.

In order to use a saved template click on ' Add' and select the type of pattern you want to add (Modal, Slideout, Tooltip or Hotspot). Click on the 'Saved' tab and use your template.

Delete a Step

In order to delete a step, click on the bin icon (' Delete step') in the settings menu.

Preview Flow/Group

Anytime while you're building your flow, you can preview it just like an end-user would. To preview, click on the eye icon next to the Target & Publish button. You can choose to preview the whole flow or just the current group.

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