Welcome to Appcues Mobile Beta

Below you will find all the resources that you need to get started with the Appcues mobile beta. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact us directly through your designated shared slack channel, or email us .

Getting Started

Registering your mobile app
Installing the mobile SDK
Using the mobile debugger
How do I create and add steps to a mobile flow?
How do I style my mobile modal?
How do I preview a mobile flow?
How do I target and publish my mobile flow?
Managing your mobile flows and viewing analytics

The Appcues mobile product is pre-release software and will evolve and become more complete during the beta.  While we have tested it significantly, it may have defects and we are not recommending it for production mobile applications.  We are recommending it for test applications.

How do I communicate my feedback or questions with the Appcues Mobile team?

  • An invitation was sent to your organization to join a shared slack channel between our Mobile team and your team of beta users. If your preferred communication is email, feel free to contact us or simply reply to the beta announcement email.

Is the mobile beta free?

  • The mobile beta is free. Once it is publicly released, Appcues Mobile will be an additional cost to your current Appcues subscription. Active and responsive early adopters of the Appcues Mobile Beta will receive a discount on this additional cost for the first year. During the beta period, your designated Customer Success Managers and Account Executives will reach out to provide details around pricing and contracting.

How long is the mobile beta?

  • Mobile functionality will be available in your Appcues account until August 26, 2022

What does the Appcues team expect of our beta customers?

  • We will be asking for regular feedback and comments as we work to perfect the experience (we hope you’re excited to help shape the product direction!)
  • We expect beta customers to be responsive and take part in marketing engagements, whether that’s interviews, testimonials, or case studies

This is what is in mobile beta currently:

  • After SDK installation, you can create in-app mobile experiences without additional help from your developers or push to the app-store
  • You can choose from standard, half screen, fullscreen, or coversheet patterns in our new mobile builder experience
  • You can edit and style our default mobile modal patterns to customize the image, text, and button
  • You can preview modal flows on a device before publishing the flow 
  • You can target mobile modals based on user segments, events, screens, or app version
  • Appcues’ Studio is optimized for mobile experiences
    • Mobile app registration
    • Flow settings and targeting
    • Unified mobile flow management, events explorer data for mobile activity events
  • Native iOS and Android SDKs support and up-to-date GitHub documentation 

This is what the mobile beta will have in the coming weeks at our official launch:

  • Ability to add and delete content blocks beyond the default modal's image, text, and button
  • Ability to drag and drop or relocate content elements
  • Ability to add a custom font
  • Ability to add an embedded video content block, emoji content block, and hero/header content block

This is what the mobile product will have after we officially launch:

  • A dedicated flow analytics page (during beta, you can view user activity from your Mobile Flows via Events Explorer)
  • More robust content block positioning options
  • Ability to edit and preview your mobile modal flows in light mode/dark mode and landscape/portrait mode
  • Ability to preview your mobile modal flows in different device sizes in the Builder
  • Ability to lock content blocks so content scrolls in between 
  • Enhanced custom font logic

How will I know when new mobile features have been added?

The Appcues mobile team will send out announcements via your preferred communication method on feature updates and any other pertinent information

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