Requirements for Use

At a high level, these are the basic requirements in order to use Appcues:

  • A web application that your users can access using a web browser.
  • The ability to install a snippet of code into your application.
  • Google Chrome - just for the Chrome Editor extension to build your flows (Appcues will display to your users on other modern browsers, like Firefox or IE 10+, but unfortunately our backdrop features {highlight and focus} do not work on IE 10/11)

Most websites will fit these requirements, but keep reading if you have additional questions or concerns.

Network Connectivity

Your application must be accessible over the internet by a URL. If you're not sure, you can use to test your site out.

Browser Support

Web application:

We've built our editor as a Chrome extension, so Google Chrome is required to create Appcues flows.

Javascript SDK:

Not all apps can support the latest browsers, which is why our Javascript SDK is designed to cover the more popular legacy browsers as well.

  • Most versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+


Appcues does not work particularly well on the following types of web applications:

  • Apps that are composed of many iframes. Not sure what an iframe is? Ask us!
  • Apps where the URL does not change as the user navigates.
  • Apps on Magento platform.

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