Customer Docs

Examples & Use Cases

Get inspired by other Appcues flows and learn how to create our top use cases

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Getting Started

Get familiar with why and how Appcues works and our requirements for use

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Building Flows

Learn how to build your flows from choosing a pattern to publishing them live.

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Learn how to install the Appcues embed script to view flows live on your site

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Targeting & Personalization

Learn how to target customized flows to the right users are the right time

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Styling & Customization

Create custom styles to match your flows to your own sites branding

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Integrations & Analytics

Learn how to understand flow effectiveness through Appcues analytics and integrations

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Learn to effectively use the Appcues Checklist to guide users to meaningful action

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NPS Surveys

Learn how to use Appcues for NPS to gather actionable feedback from users

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Managing Your Account

Learn about managing and maintaining your subscription and users

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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshooting guides

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Webinars & Videos

Collection of video trainings and schedule of upcoming live webinars.

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New & Shiny

Deeper dive into our newest features

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Developer Docs


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Identifying Users

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Analytics & Events

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