Viewing Form & Survey Results

Once you've  created a form or survey and published it live, you can review user responses by exporting a CSV. You can export the CSV from the reporting page, which you can access from the flows on your dashboard:

When you received and download your CSV, the easiest way to view the data (form responses, etc.)  is to import the CSV into Google Sheets or Excel. The example below uses Google Sheets. 

Open your new sheet and in the 'File' tab, select 'Import'.

You will then see a few options. You can choose whichever options make the most sense for you but, for a new Google sheet, the default options will work just fine.

Once the CSV is imported, turn on the Filter option for your spreadsheet:

Now you can filter the Action Description column to "Form Submitted" to retrieve the results.

For each of the fields in the form, there will be a column titled " Survey: " followed by the question or label associated with that form field. In that column you'll find the user's answer to the question. One of the columns in the spreadsheet will be titled User.userId, which will indicate which user submitted this response.

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