Build Guide - Regular - Plan Upgrade (modal/slideout)

Use case: Driving upgrades can help increase your monthly revenue and increase usage of your product. You can use an Appcues modal to run targeted campaigns about exceeded usage limits or features on a higher plan tier. This is a great use case for freemium products, trial users, and existing customers.

Example with a modal:   

In this example, we made our upgrade modal take up half the screen to emphasize the cost of not upgrading and the benefits of upgrading. We also made the CTA button large and clear, and we personalized the message based on the user's name and the action she wanted to perform. 

Format for Upgrade Message:

1. Add an image

2. Remind your user of the value of your product

3. Link your user right to your payment page or demo page to speak with a sales representative. Consider making your modal required so that users must complete signup to move forward. For the same reason, you will also want to hide the standard button that closes or continues your flow. To hide the button, go to the modal settings and select the hidden properties:

Instead, add an image (or create a button with custom CSS) that links to your Subscriptions or Payment Settings page. 

Example with a slideout (ProdPad):

Using Appcues, Andrea created a slideout to offer a demo to new trial users who want one as well as a link to ProdPad’s user onboarding video series called ‘Masterclass.’

Format for Upgrade Message:

1. Add an image

2. Remind your user of the value of your product, add personalization if possible. Andrea, from ProdPad, added her user's name to the slideouts. 

3. Continue to add value by offering a demo and/or webinar class to increase the likelihood they will buy. 

Click here to see ProdPad's full case study.

To add more advanced customization to your modal, check out our docs on  Styling & Customization

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