Debugging Your Installation

Typically, the first indication that there may be something off in the installation is a flow not showing properly on your site. If you want to troubleshoot why, or if you're just eager to ensure your install was done accurately you can use our Debugger. 

Other times that it may be helpful to use the Debugger:

  • To check if Appcues is installed on the page you're viewing
  • To ensure that Appcues is tracking page changes
  • Checking if user properties are being correctly identified (and if so, what those properties are)
  • Troubleshoot errors that prevent a flow from loading
  • Understanding why a flow isn't displaying for the current user

To start digging into what could be the cause, open up the Appcues debugger. Learn how to access the debugger here.

Tracking Pages

As you navigate through your app, the debugger will watch for URL changes and show whether Appcues has checked each one. If the URL changes without Appcues being re-initialized, it will show the last URL that was checked. 

To check that things are working, navigate through your app or refresh your page. If the red X next to "Last Tracked URL" persists, Appcues is not tracking page changes. This could signal and issue with the call. Select your platform type here to learn how you can install this call.

ProTip: Publish a flow using "Just Me" targeting to the page you're on and see if the flow shows automatically. If you need to refresh the page in order for Appcues to appear, that indicates the call is in the wrong place. 


User Identification

You can see if the user has been identified during the current visit and how many attributes were passed in the  identify call. If they user properties are being sent correctly you will see a green ✔️. Clicking on "Details" will show all user properties that were sent at the moment for that user.

A red next to "User Identification" means that we cannot recognize a user on your page. If this is the case, you'll need to add either the Appcues.identify()Appcues.anonymous() or both calls to your installation. Learn more about the Appcues.identify() call here

If you have Appcues installed via Segment, you'll want to make sure Segment's  analytics.identify() call is being called on this page so Appcues can recognize your individual users. Learn more about Segment's identify call here.


Showing Flow & Content Omitted

If a flow is showing, you will see the name of the flow along with and give you details about the group and step.

If you see 'Content Omitted' that means there is a flow that should be showing but isn't for some reason. If you expect a flow to appear, but it does not appear in the Content Omitted group, select the 'View Flow Eligibility' icon to be taken to the Flow Diagnostics page for more information.

If you notice that a step is omitted due to 'dynamic elements' or 'selectors', this can be an indication that the flow is waiting for something to appear on the page (this could be normal) before progressing, or that you should review the current step's selector to ensure that its unique and valid.  Learn more about picking the right selector here

If you've confirmed the above but you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at and we'd be happy to assist!

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