FAQ: Regex Help

Common Regex Patterns

Here is a little cheat sheet on a few common regex patterns

The most common regex pattern you will probably want is simply: 


The "." is the wildcard match, and the "+" means "match the previous item one or more times. Thus, ".+" means "match one or more of any character." So, the following pattern would work to match anything (say, a user's individual dashboard page) in a url:


Note: while * is used as a wildcard inside flows and matches text the same as .+, it does not have the same use in Regex. When wanting a wildcard with Regex, you'll want to use .+ instead. 

Here are some other common regular expressions that come in handy when using regex to target specific pages within Appcues:  

•  Any number: [0-9]+ 
•  Either of two values: (Option1|Option2) 
•  Any word: [a-z]+ 

For even more help with Regex, check out this cheat sheet and this Regex tester.

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