Studio: Issues Reporting

The Issues Report details the most recent issues tracked during the time period selected on the analytics page of the flow.

Step: The step number where the issue was experienced. 

User ID: The UUID of the user who experienced the issue. The ID is clickable, which brings up their full user profile.

URL: The location where the issue was experienced. 

Issue: The reason an issue was experienced; either because the selector could not be found or there were multiple selectors, and the selector name itself. 

Link: A link to the Appcues Builder so you can fix the issue.

Last Seen: When this issue was encountered. 

The report details the 25 most recent issues experienced. You can download the full CSV of a flow which contains a full list of all issues experienced that you can use a filter to view. 

Why do Issues occur?

To understand why an Issue may be reported, it's helpful to understand a little background on Hotspots and Tooltips. Hotspots and Tooltips are "anchored" to elements on your page. Because of this, it can mean that certain changes to or states of the page will block Appcues from showing a particular step. These include:

Could not find element

  • Your engineering team makes a change to the site that removes or renames an element you were targeting with a Hotspot or Tooltip. We would report this to you as "could not find element" and you'll need to reposition your Hotspot or Tooltip onto a new element to resolve the issue. 
  • Your Hotspot or Tooltip is anchored to an in-app modal, dropdown menu, or some other element that the user might not always have open. This situation doesn't constitute an error, but simply the natural state where a user hasn't yet opened the element where the Hotspot or Tooltip is anchored. Most of the time your users will simply see the Hotspot or Tooltip when they eventually open the anchored element. In this scenario, an Issue may be reported if that experience occurs over an extended period of time or multiple sessions.
  • Certain users have access to an element in your app, while others do not. For example, User A has access to a full navigation bar including an 'admin' tab while User B has access to a similar navigation bar but without the 'admin' tab. Both users are shown a flow which details all 5 components of the navigation bar, but the final tooltip for the 'admin' tab cannot show for User B because that element is not present on the page. In this case, Appcues will report an issue.
  • Certain environments have access to and display an element while others have access but do not display the element. This can occur in some sites that share mobile vs desktop views. Depending on how the element is implemented, it might be present and visible on desktop, but not visible on mobile. This could be addressed by targeting the flow to only show to device type: desktop. 
  • The element is present on the page but is not visible because it cannot be scrolled to or is off the page for some reason. This could occur if the end user's browser window is very small and the webpage doesn't allow for scrolling. This is very rare. 

Found multiple elements

  • Your Hotspot or Tooltip is anchored to an element that isn't named specifically enough. We would report this to you as "found multiple elements" and you'll need to reposition your Hotspot or Tooltip onto a new element to resolve the issue.

To troubleshoot these issues further, we recommend opening the flow in the Appcues Builder and viewing that particular step. This doc details how to identify and fix these issues further.

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