Issues Reporting

The Issues Report details the most recent issues tracked during the time period selected on the analytics page.

Step: The step number where the issue was experienced. 

User ID: The UUID of the user who experienced the issue. The ID is clickable, which brings up their full user profile.

URL: The location where the issue was experienced. 

Issue: The reason an issue was experienced; either because the selector could not be found or there were multiple selectors, and the selector name itself. 

Link: A link to the Flow Builder so you can fix the issue.

Last Seen: When this issue was encountered. 

The report details the 25 most recent issues experienced. You can download the full CSV of a flow which contains a full list of all issues experienced that you can use a filter to view. 

Note: The Issues Report is a full list of every error fired by our SDK, including errors that were recovered. Therefore, you may see discrepancies between the count on the Issues Report table compared to the rest of the page. The flow chart and scoreboard summary show un-recovered errors, and are the best reference for fatal errors resulting in the not showing of content.