Pro Tip: NPS vs Form Survey Use Cases

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Important for any product-led organization is gathering feedback from your users to better understand their needs. Your team may be ready to reach out, and you may be wondering, which survey type is best for your use case- NPS or a form?

NPS is a type of survey and stands for Net Promoter Score. NPS is designed to measure overall customer satisfaction for your product. NPS is built right into Appcues and has a data dashboard that updates in real-time to show you how users are feeling about your product, and if they’d recommend it to others. Using NPS is a great way to identify which users are promoters (9 or 10 ratings), neutral/passive (7 or 8 ratings), or detractors (0 to 6 ratings), enabling you to target Appcues content to each group that is most helpful.

Creating an in-app form with the Appcues builder is a great way to elicit quantitative and qualitative feedback from your users. The form patterns include free-form text input, multiple-choice, and a rating option. Utilizing a form is best for gathering feedback about a specific feature within your product, like the slideout below containing a rating for feedback.

Now that you know what the best use cases are for NPS and forms, you’re ready to create your survey! If you have any questions, reach out to and we're happy to help.

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