Common Questions about Plans and Pricing

What are the pricing plans for Appcues? 
You can find our pricing and packaging  here.
Do you have a free trial? 

Yes! You can try Appcues without committing to a plan -- no credit card required. Our full-featured trial gives you the chance to evaluate whether or not Appcues is a technical fit for you. For the first 14 days, you can show unlimited Appcues content. After the first 14 days, your trial will stay active until you’ve reached 100 flows shown. If you reached that limit during the first 14 days, your trial will expire on the fourteenth day. 

How do you define monthly active users (MAUs)? 

MAUs are calculated as the total number of users who sign in to your platform in any given month. We use MAUs so that we don't charge you for dormant users who may be in your database but don't log any activity during a given month.

What happens if I go over my plan limit (i.e. exceed the MAUs allowed)? 

If you exceed your plan limit, we'll keep all of your Appcues running, get in touch with you, and then (with your consent) upgrade your account or charge you a prorated overage, whichever is less expensive for you. 

My MAU count is much higher than expected, what’s going on?
Appcues counts users on any page that it is installed. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t install Appcues on public-facing pages (e.g. your marketing site or login page). If your MAU count is significantly higher than you think it should be, make sure Appcues isn’t installed on a public-facing page. If this doesn’t seem to be the issue, shoot us an email at and we’ll help you figure out what’s going on!
If we pay yearly, how does going over the limit affect the price?

We will reach out and upgrade your account for the remaining months in your contract.

Do I need to pay for users that don't see Appcues?

Yes. Appcues will see every user that logs into your application. It's what lets us know whether or not to show content to that user. For some added benefit, because we will see all your users, you will be able to historically target flows to users' event and property histories.

Our application has greater than 50k MAUs. Can I use Appcues?

Of course! Appcues is built to scale to tens of millions of users. Shoot us an email at to learn about enterprise pricing.

Can you invoice me?

Yes! We are happy to offer invoicing for those on our Enterprise plan. Shoot us an email at to learn more.

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