FullStory Integration

Are you running product analytics on FullStory? With our integration, you can send Appcues events to FullStory right in the browser, just by adding a bit of javascript to your product. 

Our integration with FullStory is added manually, with just a bit of javascript. We wrote it for you, here :) 

<script type="text/javascript">
    Appcues.on('all', function (eventId, eventObj) {  
        FS.event(`[Appcues] ${eventObj.name}`, eventObj)

All you need to activate this integration is to load this script after both the Appcues and FullStory scripts have been loaded. After that, all events from Appcues will be sent to FullStory client-side. 

Appcues events appear on a general level, such as  Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc, and you can view further details like event properties by expanding individual events.

What data is sent from Appcues to FullStory?

The following events are sent from Appcues to FullStory when the integration is enabled: flow events, form events, NPS events, checklist events, pin events, and custom events.

flow_started form_submitted checklist_skipped
flow_completed form_field_submitted checklist_dismissed
flow_skipped nps_feedback checklist_item_started
flow_aborted nps_score checklist_item_completed
step_started nps_clicked_update_nps_score appcues_custom
step_completed nps_ask_me_later_selected_at v2:experience_started
step_skipped nps_survey_started v2:step_seen
step_interacted checklist_shown v2:icon_seen
step_aborted checklist_completed

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