FAQ: Supported images, videos and gifs and recommended sizes

This article presents supported images, videos, and gifs and offers recommendations for ensuring the images you use within Appcues look good on every device and resolution.

Supported image upload formats

JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIFs are all supported. With GIFs, be sure you are aware of the file size you are uploading to not adversely impact your customer's experience. We do not currently accept Lottie, though it can be converted to GIF and uploaded.

note: targeting SVGs or content inside of SVG files is not supported at this time.

Supported video formats

You can embed any video with the proper embed code. You cannot upload videos for displaying, they must be hosted elsewhere on services such as YouTube, Wistia, etc. Read more about embedding videos in flows here.

Recommended Image Sizes


Modals are one of the largest patterns available in Appcues. Our modals default to 650px wide so we recommend using that as your minimum width. If you’d like your images to be compatible with Apple Retina displays use at minimum of 1200px width. The height depends on what you’re trying to build. We resize the modal to fit the height of your media.
Recommended minimum width 650px
Recommended minimum width for Retina Display compatibility 1200px
Recommended maximum height 600px


Recommended minimum width 400px
Recommended minimum width for Retina Display compatibility 800px
Recommended maximum height 400px

Hero Images

A Hero is a header image that goes from edge to edge within a modal or slideout. You can insert a Hero component separately from an Image component, and it behaves a bit differently and also allows you to add heading text on top of the image. Images within a Hero can be cropped and fill a frame, rather than pushing the content down. For this reason, you can upload images that are larger dimensions than the modal itself, and crop and frame them for the best looking result.

We recommend the following for hero images:

Recommended minimum width 650px
Recommended minimum width for Retina Display compatibility 1300px
Recommended minimum height 200px
Recommended maximum height None (image will be cropped)
Does Appcues resample or optimize uploaded images? 

We do not resample or optimize images on upload. When embedded in a flow, images are scaled to fit the frame—for the best result, use images that are a high enough height and width to maintain their quality when scaled to the width of their container. 

Because we use images in exactly the format you send us, it's also important to optimize your images before uploading to ensure they load quickly and don't overuse bandwidth—like other images you may use in your marketing site or product.

We believe this maintains control over what your users see, as quality is paramount.

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