Appcues Integrations List

In this document, you will find a repository of all of the individual integration resources for Appcues.  If you are looking for a system overview for Appcues integrations please check here

Analytics Tools

Engagement/Messaging Products

CRM/Customer Data Products

Connector Products

How do I activate an integration?

All integrations can be activated from your account integrations page. In most cases, the integration requires only one click in order to be activated.

All integrations except for HubSpot and Zapier are client-side integrations, which means they talk to the third-party through the user's browser in order to send information about Appcues activity. You'll need to have the third-party's javascript installed in your app for this to work.

Fun fact: what's happening behind the scenes, and how is it only one click? Well, if you have the third-party javascript on your app, Appcues just needs to know that, and then route events to it in the browser, just like your app would for your standard analytics or user data. All that's happening when you activate the integration is flipping a switch that tells Appcues to look for that provider on the same page and tell it what's happening with your Appcues flows.

Other integrations, like HubSpot or Zapier, work by directly communicating behind the scenes, or  server-side—and may require some information, like an account ID or Legacy API key (called the API Key for legacy plan customers), in addition to a short authentication process.

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