Installation Overview

What is “installation”?

Appcues works by adding a bit of JavaScript to your website that allows Appcues to show content you build to users on your existing pages. This script loads with the page and uses properties you send us to determine which users should see what content.

Installation Process

  1. Determine User Properties to send to Appcues
    • User Properties are things like name, email address, role, created date, etc.
    • See the User Properties Overview for assistance
  2. Determine Events to send to Appcues (optional to start)
    • Events are things like “logged in”, “invited a teammate”, etc.
    • See the Events Overview for assistance
  3. Understand your Application framework
    • Single Page Applications (SPAs) are installed slightly differently than other frameworks
    • See the Single Page Application Guide or ask one of your developers if you're unsure
  4. Install Appcues!
    • If you have Segment you can install in one click by selecting the “I Want to Enable with Segment” option on the Installation page
    • If you’re not technical, invite a developer by selecting the “I Need Help From My Devs” option on the Installation page
    • If you’re doing the installation, follow instructions on the Installation Guide (technical)
  5. Check your work
    • Test your installation with the Debugger, learn how to Open the Appcues Debugger
    • See your User Properties and Events in Settings, note that at least one user needs to have been identified with a particular User Property to have the property show on this page

How does Appcues work once installed?

Appcues will show your published flows to targeted audiences based on conditions that you set. Conditions can include any combination of URL, domain, device type, browser language, user properties, events completed, and more.

Appcues will capture user properties and events that you choose to send to us. This information is what you'll use for audience targeting so that your flows will show to the right person at the right time.

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