Product-Led Growth: Regulars Playbook

This playbook will provide ways to continue engaging your users once they become "Regulars" and are proficient in your product. While the pace of learning has slowed, this segment of users is arguably the most important as it relates product-led growth because you can leverage them for helpful feedback and turn them into champions of your product who then create new evaluators.

Unfamiliar with the Product-led Growth Flywheel? Visit the Product-Led Growth Overview to start.


This playbook will focus on continued engagement with your regular customers and turning them into advocates of your product. The more users you can turn into champions of your product the more opportunity you have for exponential growth. 


Effective preparation for interacting with regulars is more about building Appcues into your content and customer interaction cadence than anything else. 

For product teams, releasing new or improved features can be paired with a slideout or tooltip describing the change. You can also gather feedback to inform upcoming roadmap items and use NPS to track your current product sentiment.

For support teams, create walkthroughs for complex features and add informational hotspots where users regularly experience friction. Link directly to support docs or link directly to flows (with permalinks) from support docs. 

For sales teams, build upgrade and cross-sell content based on feature usage and properties of the account. 

For marketing teams, get traction on webinars, new features, and blog posts by sharing them with users in-app.

Content (what to build)

  • Feature Announcement
    • Ensure your regular users know about the improvements you're making to the Application and how those improvements add value to their experience
    • Feature Announcement build guide
  • Product Feedback
    • Receive direct and actionable feedback from users about an existing feature you're hoping to improve
    • Ask about features that would make your user's experience better
    • Product feedback build guide
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
    • Net Promoter Score® (NPS), is a proven metric for measuring customer sentiment, satisfaction, and loyalty
    • NPS overview
  • Upgrade / Cross-sell
    • By sending in plan types as user properties you can target users for potential upgrades and cross-sells
    • Upgrade examples


We built lifecycle segments into Appcues to help differentiate and target your users effectively. 

First, set up the "Regulars" segment based on properties and events that will indicate someone in that segment. For example, if your regulars are customers who have been in your product for an extended time, then send a user property that indicates whether a user is a customer or not and another property that would differentiate them from "Beginners". 

Then on the flows you want showing when a user reaches a certain page target them to regulars:

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