Product-Led Growth: Champions Playbook

This playbook will describe strategies for leveraging your champions to advocate for your product and bring in new evaluators. Success in this segment means turning a would-be funnel into the Product-led Growth Flywheel you see here. 

Unfamiliar with the Product-led Growth Flywheel? Visit the Product-Led Growth Overview to start.


This playbook will focus on creating content geared toward promoting advocacy of your product through various levels of input from customers. Your champions increase the footprint your brand covers and provide social proof for the effectiveness of your product for providing value (ie, being the solution to the problem users are trying to solve).


Much of the targeting for this content is based on the outcome of NPS surveys (or potentially other sentiment surveys you have created). In this sense, you should set up content for your regulars to inform who your champions are. 

Content (what to build)

  • Review Request
    • Ask your users to review your product in visible areas such as G2 Crowd and Capterra
    • Your champions are likely to give you a top rating (asking them to doesn't hurt either)
    • Review Request build guide
  • Giveaway / Swag Offer
    • High quality gifts are appreciate and add delight to the relationship your customers have with your product
    • Swag is low-cost marketing by users who are willing to praise your product
    • Holiday giveaway example


We built lifecycle segments into Appcues to help differentiate and target your users effectively. 

First, set up the "Champions" segment based on properties and events that will indicate someone is in that segment. In this case, our champions are NPS promoters that have given a score in the past six months.

 Then on the flows you want showing when a user reaches a certain page target them to champions.

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