Product-Led Growth: Champions

Champions are the users who recommend your product to their colleagues, friends, and social media followers. They have formed an emotional connection with your brand and your product—at this point in the relationship, you are providing value outside of the job to be done. 

These users want more capabilities and more power from your product—not because they necessarily require them, but because they love your product and are actively invested in your success. If you were to shut the doors tomorrow, they would be devastated. 

Champions are typically:

  • Actively participating in the future of your product by providing thorough feedback
  • Pushing the limits of your product with new use cases
  • NPS promoters 
  • Wearing your brand’s t-shirt

Your Goal

To close the loop by turning positive customer sentiment into tangible social proof, making it easier to acquire new users and keep the flywheel spinning.  The goal is to get your champions to advocate for your product.

How to measure success

  • NPS score: percentage of promoters
  • Product feedback
  • Number of online reviews
  • Referrals
  • New user acquisition
  • Case study opportunities

Basic use cases

1. Feedback requests

Your champions are looking for opportunities to provide actionable feedback. Field a survey specifically designed to solicit feedback from your committed users. An easy way to create a segment of your happy customers is to choose NPS score as a property and targeting users who have given you a 10. 

Put them in touch with your product team by creating a slideout that asks them to schedule a 30-minute call and use a tool like Calendly to provide them with a link to book a time.

2. Review requests

Run a reviews campaign with Appcues. Start by creating a slideout or modal. 

Ask your users if they would be interested in leaving reviews for your product. If they click “yes,” trigger another modal or slideout that provides them with the appropriate links. The marketing team can later follow up with a gift card once the review gets published. 

3. Social proof requests

Create a slideout to ask users if they want to share a testimonial. If they click yes, prompt another slideout or modal with a form. Your users will be able to submit their testimonial through the form without leaving your app. You can then use Appcues CSV exports to download the form entries.

4. Referral programs

Your champions are looking for opportunities to share their experience with your product. Encourage them by running a referral campaign and reward them for every lead they generate.

Create a flow with 2 slideouts. The first slideout should ask users if they want to provide referrals for a gift card. Add 3 buttons to your modals: “No, thanks”, “Remind me later”, “I’ll do it now.”

If a user clicks on the “I’ll do it now” button, the second slideout should appear with a form that asks users to enter the email addresses of all the people who might be interested in your product. If they click on “Remind me later”, use it as an event for targeting to remind them with another flow. If they click on No, thanks, the flow should dismiss.

5. Celebrate your users’ journey

In most cases, your champions are your pro users. They have achieved a lot more compared to an average user. Celebrate their progress by sharing their success milestones and usage statistics with them. For example, if you offer a CRM tool, you can congratulate your champions for reaching the 1,000 email campaigns mark.