Build Guide - Review Request Modal

Asking for reviews from your champions is a great way to gain social proof that you have an amazing product. As you move past your initial early adopters, you'll need a healthy amount of social proof to grow. 

This example assumes you have built flows and will skip some of the basics. If you aren't familiar with building flows, we recommend checking out the Welcome Modal or General Announcement examples first.

The final product of your flow will look something like this:

Creating the slideouts

Set up a slideout to make the ask of your user. If they click 'yes', you'll give them the necessary information on the next slideout. Be sure to include some artwork, a headline, the ask, and a call to action. You may also want to offer some type of compensation. For example:

Add two buttons to the slideout. In the "yes" button, have it go to the next step, as shown below. You can also track an event to use later if you'd like. 

In the "no" button, you can simply have it dismiss the flow. Track an event here as well. 

Add a second slideout for users that select "yes". Link to the sites where you're requesting reviews and give them a way to get in touch if they run into any issues. Note: the example below mentions sending an email, which was achieved using a Zapier integration.


This flow can be targeted simply at your product Champions, which is to say that they are promoters of your product (their NPS is a 9 or 10). You may want to include Regulars (users that give your product a 7 or 8) as well in this case. 

We can also be more specific and target Regulars who had recently given us a score of 10 on NPS. Here's what that looks like: 

The [NPS] segment from the above image is displayed below. The 'Email' field is used to remove any known users who have given a review in the past. 

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