FAQ: Ad Blockers Affecting Appcues

If a user has an ad blocker enabled in their browser, the ad blocker may prevent Appcues experiences from loading on your site's pages. As a result, Appcues may be unable to show flows, checklists, NPS surveys, or collect product usage metrics for those users.

How to minimize the effect of ad blockers

Though ad blockers may interfere with Appcues, there are still some steps you can take to minimize the effects these ad blockers have on your user experience.

  • Host the Appcues SDK under your own domain. This is currently the recommended method for keeping Appcues from getting blocked by various ad blockers.
  • Load Appcues asynchronously so that interruptions to Appcues do not affect the overall functionality of your app. While this will not cause Appcues to begin showing if it's blocked, it will at least keep the blocked Appcues from breaking other parts of your application. We recommend doing this for any scripts or resources you think may be affected by ad blockers.
  • Send data to Appcues server-side using our HTTP API or server-side integrations. Again, this won't make an Appcues flow begin showing if there are ad blockers, but any data sent this way will appear in Appcues and can be used for things like flow targeting.
  • Install Appcues directly rather than with a tag manager. This is recommended if you've installed Appcues using Segment or Google Tag Manager and they're blocked. Tag managers such as these are often blocked even more aggressively than Appcues. If you discover that a high percentage of your users have an ad blocker, you may want to consider this option.

If you try these methods and are running into issues—or have questions about any of them—please feel free to reach out to support@appcues.com.

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