Scheduling a Flow

This document will explain how to display a flow up until a certain date, only after a certain date, or both, localized for the user.

There may be a feature announcement that you'd like to create and publish now but not show until release day this coming Saturday, or a webinar notification you want to show now but stop showing after the date of the event. In these cases, you can use the 'Updated At' property to set these scheduling criteria.

Open the flow settings for your desired flow and scroll down to the Audience section. 

  • To set an End Date on the flow, select 'Specific users' > 'Property' > 'Updated at' > 'occurred before' ---> {insert desired end date}
  • To set a Start Date on the flow, select 'Specific users' > 'Property' > 'Updated at' > 'occurred after' ---> {insert desired end date}

Note: In the example below with the end date of 3/31/2021, this flow will show until 12am 3/31/2021 of your end user's specific browser time setting/ While the flow will not show after that date it will still remained published in your dashboard.

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