Groups and Step-Groups

Step groups are a great way to configure particular steps and organize your steps by section. They also allow for some functionality uses as well depending on the step type of the group! Step-children (the items within a step-group) are only like-with-like. So only tooltips may be grouped together, only modals may be grouped together, etc.

Flows are broken down into multiple components with a hierarchy of: 

Flow-->Step Groups-->Step Children

Something to note is that, in the UI such as your flow settings page, only step groups will be shown. So although you may have 16 tooltips in a flow, if they’re separated into groups of 4 different Step Groups, this UI will only read having “4 steps”

So in the above example, the UI would read this as 9 steps (because redirects are also counted as a step). Step 4 would encompass all three of the modals in that group.

What effect do step groups have on my Appcues Flows?

There are a few effects that groups can have, but this depends a little. Some effect specific step types and then there are also more general behaviors.

General effects:

-Step-Children cannot be moved in or out of a step-group, but can be rearranged within a step group

-Only entire step groups can be rearranged

-Buttons with a "Previous step" action only work within the step group. You cannot use this action to go back to a different step group.

Modals and Slideouts:

-If the progress bar is enabled, it is relative to the step group. So if you have 5 modals and 3 are in a step group, the progress bar will only show “progress” when going across the three inside the step group.


-Because everything within a step-group is considered 1 step, all tooltips in a group will need to be completed in order to meet “completion” criteria for UI settings.


-Hotspots within the same group will all be displayed at the same time. All hotspots will need to be interacted with in order to continue the flow.

Step Completion:

To “Complete” a step depends on the step type.

Modals and Slideouts are considered completed when seen, so in the UI, those types of steps will show up as “has been seen”

Tooltips and Hotspots are considered completed when the user has interacted with them. Thus all the tooltips in a group must be interacted with to be considered “completed". Clicking the X button on a one step tooltip group will mark the tooltip as seen. 

Note: this also means that if you set a flow to "Show Once" and it begins with a four step tooltip group, the flow will continue appearing until the user completes all four steps within this first step group. If you select "Show Once" and your flow begins with a one step tooltip group and the user dismisses the flow by clicking the dismiss x, the flow will not appear again.

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