User Profile


The User Profile page brings together data about a user's experience tracked by Appcues into one place, including:

  • Flow interaction
  • Checklist completion
  • NPS responses
  • Goal conversion
  • Events received via the Appcues SDK and integrations
  • Click-to-Track events
  • All current user properties
  • Segment membership
  • Experience eligibility 

Use the User Profile to:

  • Track a user's onboarding journey through your app
  • Verify that your Appcues integration is sending user properties as you'd expect
  • Test segment criteria and overlap for a given user
  • Diagnose a user's eligibility for Appcues experiences live in your app

Navigating to the User Profile

There are several locations in Appcues Studio that allow you to access a user's profile page, including:

  • Any Analytics page that lists individual events (Flow Analytics, NPS Analytics, Events Explorer, Segments and Goals)

  • The Diagnostics page

In either case, click on the profile link to open the full User Profile page.

Activities Tab

The page will default to the "Activities" tab. Here, you will see a timeline of user activities logged by Appcues, including:

  • Flow starts, skips and completions
  • Checklist starts, skips and completions
  • NPS scores and feedback
  • Goal completions
  • Application Events triggered
  • Click-to-track Events triggered

Use filters or search by name to narrow the results. Click on the links in the "Name" column to go to the settings page for that item.

Properties Tab

Use the "Properties" tab to review all information, either sent by you through the integration or detected automatically by Appcues, for this user. "Star" important properties to easily filter by them later. You can also search across Properties by name.

Segments Tab

The "Segments" tab includes all segments for which the user is currently a member. Click the links in the "Segment name" column to review that segment's settings, or search for a segment by name.

Eligibility Tab

The "Eligibility" tab shows all Live Flows and Checklists, and if the current user would be eligible for each experience, based on their current properties and event history. The eligibility table assumes the user is on a page in your app to which the Experience is targeted. Flow and Checklist groups are ordered by priority (i.e. the order in which they would appear to this user on targeted pages). Clicking any "Ineligible" link will open up an explainer showing more detail on why the user is ineligible for the Experience.

Customizing Page Title

By default, only the User ID will display in the page title. To add an identifier property or change an existing property, click the pencil icon.

On the next screen, you will be able to select any property value to include in the page title. Choose "Full Name", "Email", "Nickname", etc. 

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