Why isn't my flow showing?

A quick guide to help you troubleshoot why your flow isn’t showing.

There could be a number of reasons behind a flow not showing. In this article, we’ll cover some quick actions that you can take to identify some common causes:

There are 2 main troubleshooting features that you can use to understand why a flow isn’t showing (they’re also used by our support team!):

  • Appcues debugger - helps you get context about the status of your installation
  • Diagnostics tool - helps you get context about the eligibility of the user

Are you installed?

It may seem an obvious one, but it does happen! In order to quickly verify if you’re installed, open the debugger in the environment/page you’re expecting to show the flow.

How do I open the debugger?

Right-click on the Appcues Chrome extension and choose "Debug flows on this page" or call Appcues.debug() in your browser's javascript console.

If it doesn’t open, then you’re likely not installed. In order to fix it, review our doc here.

If it opens, you’re installed!


However, if you’re seeing other errors in the debugger, those can also mean some installation issues that can affect your flow.

Error in Tracking Pages

First, check that things are working and navigate through your app or refresh your page. If the red X next to "Last Tracked URL" persists, Appcues is not tracking page changes. This indicates that there is an issue with the Appcues.page() call and the installation.

Error in User Identified

Appcues cannot recognize the user on your page. You'll need to add either the Appcues.identify(), Appcues.anonymous() or both calls to your installation.

Is the user eligible?

Go into Diagnostics and enter your user-id and the URL you're expecting to see the flow.

Note: If you don't know your user-id, open the debugger and search for the number next to the section 'User Identified'. You can also click on ' View Flow Eligibility for User' and that will open up Diagnostics directly taking into account your current URL and user. 

Understanding Diagnostics

Now I know my user-id and I can see my flow listed, but what does this all mean?

If all items have a green check, the user is fully eligible to see the flow (Note: Event-Triggered flows will be listed under ineligible even if all items have a green check).

If some of the items have a red cross, the user is not meeting the eligibility for that item. Select the arrow next to the criteria to get a deeper understanding of why the user did/didn't qualify.

Error on Page: the URL entered into Diagnostics doesn't match the path specified on the flow's page targeting

Error on Domain: the domain entered into Diagnostics doesn't match the domain specified on the flow's page targeting

Error on Frequency: the user has already seen the flow or the flow will never show automatically

Error on Audience Rules: the user does not currently match the audience targeting rules - The rule(s) that failed won't be singled out; compare the audience rules specified on the flow's page with the user's profile (to see the user profile, click on 'view profile' at the top of the Diagnostics page)

Is page targeting correct?

Enter the URL you're expecting to see the flow in the Test Page Targeting tool, on your flow's settings page.

If the result says ' Flow will show', your page targeting is correct!

If the result says ' Flow won't show', double-check how you're currently targeting your flow.

Quick checks you can do:

If using a regex pattern, make sure the operator selected is 'matches regex' and verify that the pattern is valid with a Regex tester.

If using multiple pages, verify that they're not mutually exclusive or conflicting with each other. For example, if I wanted to show my flow on different pages that contain 'account', 'dashboard', and 'payments', the settings below wouldn't work because all the conditions would need to match at once.

In order to show the flow in different pages containing those words, using the condition Any (OR) is the right way to go!

Make sure the domain is not entered in this field (only a path can be entered).

If you've confirmed the above but still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@appcues.com and we'd be happy to assist!

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