Group Properties Overview

This article covers group properties in Appcues. It includes:

What are group properties?

Group properties are attributes you want to associate with your app’s own customer accounts instead of individual users. A good rule of thumb is that if every user in one of your app's customer accounts would have the same property value, then that property might be a group property. They are the “adjectives” that describe your customer's accounts. Examples include things like Company name, industry, numbers of employees, etc.

Why send group properties to Appcues?

Group data will allow you to target experiments using rules that are more about the types of customer accounts, rather than the aspects of individual users within any given account. For example, you may only want an experience to be seen by companies with an employee count greater than 50, or those with a renewal date coming in the next 30 days.

While many customers already include group properties directly in the user profiles they send to Appcues, this approach does not work for everyone. Some reasons some customers don't use this approach are:

  • Group and user information are kept in siloed locations in their app database. Combining that information before sending it together to Appcues in one large user profile update is not feasible for them.
  • The customer has Appcues installed on their app via, a tool that already requires group and user information to be sent separately. Making a change to their Segment integration just to support one (i.e., Appcues) of their many destination apps is not feasible for them.

Sending group data will allow you to keep those two data sources separate if you like. Appcues will do the work to connect a user to the group data of the account they are currently logged in on, check group properties, and serve the user the correct experience based on any group-specific targeting that is present.

For more on targeting Flows, check out Targeting Flows.

How do I send group properties?

Customers who have Appcues installed into their app directly via the Appcues SDK can send group data on the `` method. Customers who have Appcues installed into their app via will have group data ingested into Appcues automatically with no Segment integration change needed, as long as the Source App sending the group data to Segment is connected to the Appcues Destination App. Check out the Installation Overview (for Developers) article for more information.

Where can I see which group properties I’m sending?

All group properties sent to your Appcues account will appear in the `Group property` category dropdown when creating targeting conditions on Flows, Checklist, Segments, etc. You can search for and confirm the format of the properties here, including example values that have been sent for properties:

Group property management will be added to the Events and Properties page in your Appcues settings in the future. 

To make it easy to figure out what user properties (and events!) you want to send to Appcues, we created an installation plan template. If you choose to create an installation plan, you can share it with the developer(s) that will install Appcues so they know exactly what data you need! 

How do I remove group properties?

If you reach out to with a list of group properties that you would like to remove from your Appcues Studio UI, we can remove them for you. 

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