Building Mobile Flows

Do I need to finish the SDK installation process before creating a mobile flow?

You do not need to have the Appcues mobile SDK installed on your app before creating a Flow in the Mobile Builder.  However, you will not be able to preview or publish your mobile Flow until the installation is complete

How do I create a mobile flow?

  1. Ensure you have registered your mobile app in Appcues Studio
  2. From Appcues Studio's Flows page you can click “Create a Flow” or go to and click “Create a Flow”
    1. Choose which app you are designing for flow for, name the flow, add any tags you’d like, and click 'Create' 
  3. The Mobile Builder will show a default modal with a sidebar showing options for several modal pattern types. Choose the modal type for your first step in your mobile Flow.

To learn more about styling and functionality for the mobile modals and content blocks - head to this article

How do I add, delete, clone, or create steps?

  1. To create a step in your mobile flow, click the green "+ Add" button on the bottom black bar and choose from the modal types presented
    • Selecting "Carousel step" allows the user to swipe through steps in the mobile flow while the other modal types are required to click a button to get to the next step (see below)

Carousel mobile modal flow
2. You can rearrange the order of the steps in the mobile flow via drag and drop
3. To delete a step in your mobile flow, click “Delete” in the sidebar when viewing the modal's settings
4. To duplicate a step in your mobile flow, click “Clone” in the sidebar when viewing the modal's settings

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