Targeting and Publishing Mobile Flows

How do I target and publish my mobile flow?

Once you've created Flow in the Mobile Builder, click the purple "Target and Publish" button. You will be brought to Studio's Mobile Flow settings page. 

If you are already in Studio, go to Flows → Find the Flow you’d want to adjust triggering and targeting → Click the gear icon → Click Settings.

Targeting by App Version

You can target your mobile Flow to specific mobile app versions.  You can specify one or more versions including conditions such as > or < a particular version number. This is useful in situations such as:

  • you want your users who are using an older version of the app to update 
  • you have messaging only appropriate to older versions of your app
  • there is an improvement on a specific app version and you want to send out an update via a mobile Flow
  • you just want to test a mobile Flow on a specific version of your app.

Audience Targeting

  • You can target a mobile Flow to all users, all users in a segment, or specific users
  • There are also mobile-specific auto-properties that can be used for targeting such as operating system, app name, app version, and device type - you can learn more about auto-properties in the Mobile SDK's Github documentation

Triggering Flows

  • Mobile Flows can be targeted based on specific app sessions:
    • Triggering a Flow “When users start an app session” → this is defined as when a user opens the app, or foregrounds the app after being in the background longer than the session timeout (default is 30 minutes). Note: if your app has "sign in" page before the home screen, targeting "When users start an app session" will show the Flow on the "sign in" page which may be too soon for some use cases
    • Triggering a Flow “When an event occurs” → Events are actions your users do in the app, it’s a great option to trigger a mobile Flow based on user behavior. Events can be targeted once the Appcues SDK is installed and initialized.

      To learn more about how screen and event names are sent to Appcues, head to our mobile debugger article

Screen Targeting

  • Targeting by screens is a very common use case for mobile modals, it’s similar to “page targeting” in Appcues web.

Goals, Flow Frequency, Priority & Actions

  • These Flow settings are available on a mobile Flow’s settings page and work just like Web flows - to learn more about their functionality and use cases - head to Appcues Docs

Publishing a Mobile Flow

The mobile Flow won’t be pushed live until you click to publish on the settings page. If you’d like to see your Flow before pushing it live, you can do so by previewing your mobile modal.

Keep in mind this preview won’t reflect the targeting and triggering settings, but it gives you an opportunity to see what the mobile modal Flow will look like on your app before publishing.

Once you are satisfied with your mobile modal flow and settings, click "Publish" to go live. We encourage testing on your App afterward to ensure that the mobile Flow is displayed according to your targeting settings.

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