Google Analytics Integration

Why integrate Google Analytics with Appcues?

Integrating Google Analytics with Appcues to find out how different acquisition channels affect user interactions with your flows. This integration can help you identify where your most engaged and active users come from to help you focus in on marketing efforts.

What you'll need
  • A Google Analytics account and an Appcues account, both fully installed across your site pages and domains. This can be a standard Google Analytics account or a GA4 account, although only one can be connected at a time. 
How to use this integration

Enable Google Analytics on your integrations page by hovering over the Google Analytics integration and selecting Activate.

Note: If you are a Segment user, integrate Appcues with Google Analytics directly through your integrations page. Enabling the integration via Segment may omit flow details.

Once Google Analytics and Appcues are integrated, you can find Appcues events under Engagement > Events in your Google Analytics Reporting tab. 

Your Google Analytics account will receive all events triggered by Appcues flows, pins, and checklists. Click to Track events will be included with Events Broadcaster.

flow_started form_submitted checklist_skipped
flow_completed form_field_submitted checklist_dismissed
flow_skipped nps_feedback checklist_item_started
flow_aborted nps_score checklist_item_completed
step_started nps_clicked_update_nps_score appcues_custom
step_completed nps_ask_me_later_selected_at v2:experience_started
step_skipped nps_survey_started v2:step_seen
step_interacted checklist_shown v2:icon_seen
step_aborted checklist_completed


These events will have the following properties:

  • Category: "appcues"
  • Action: the name of the event, e.g. "flow_started"
  • Label: the id of the Appcues flow or checklist that triggered the event
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