Product-Led Growth: Evaluators Playbook

This playbook will cover how to create a cohesive experience for your evaluators (and in some cases, beginners) that is helpful but not intrusive, drives toward value, and reduces friction on the path to activation.

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Webinar: Strategies for Evaluators and Beginners


This playbook addresses the major needs of a user attempting to learn about a new product. It demonstrates the main value of the product immediately, promotes the key features that lead to value, and provides resources to reduce friction throughout the evaluation process. 


For this playbook to be effective you'll need to decide on a goal for the initial onboarding experience. This is generally an "activation" or "conversion" point, such as performing an important action or becoming a paying customer. 

Then, decide on the three to five key features a new user must be aware of in order to reach that goal. These are the items you will include in the Checklist and present to users as they explore your product. 

Content (what to build)


We built lifecycle segments into Appcues to help differentiate and target your users effectively. 

First, set up the "Evaluators" segment based on properties and events that will indicate someone in that segment. For example, if your evaluators are users in a trial, then send a user property that indicates whether a user is in a trial or not. 

Note that the segment also includes a property for "Created At". When you publish your new content you may not want to show this to everyone who qualifies as an Evaluator because many of them have been in that stage for a while and suddenly receiving this content would be confusing. Adding targeting like a user created date will ensure only new users receive this content. 

Then on the flows you want showing when a user reaches a certain page target them to evaluators:

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