Managing Flows Overview

As you build your flow library you may look for ways to keep your work organized and easily accessible. A few ways to do this include:

Filtering Flows

When navigating to the Flows page of the Appcues dashboard, you'll see the following options at the top:

There are multiple ways to filter your flows so you can easily find what you need. You can use any combination of the following:
  • By Status - allows you to filter flows by whether they are in draft, archived, or published live. 
  • By Tag - allows you to filter all flows by tags you've created. 
  • By Segment - lets you filter flows by corresponding segment used for targeting. Learn more about segments here!
  • By Teammate - lets you filter all flows by who created the flow on your team.
  • The search field - allows you to enter in the name or a keyword of the flow you're looking for.
  • Sorting menu - lets you sort the flows list by recently updated, recently created, and name (a-z).

Tagging Flows

You may need a level of organization flows for easier sorting & filtering. Tags are especially useful for organizing your flows. If you tag every flow with items such as audience, language, etc, you'll be able to locate all the corresponding flows in an instant.

Learn more about creating and editing tags here!

Renaming Flows

If you are no longer happy with the name picked for your flow, you can quickly modify it from the settings page of the flow, or within the flow builder while the flow is open.

From the Dashboard:
  1. Select the flow you'd like to rename 
  2. Next, select the 'Settings' option in the top right of the flow that you'd like to modify. 
  3. You'll be taken to the Flow Settings page where you will click on the name of your flow and edit the name.
  4. Click the green 'Save' button when finished


From the Chrome Editor 

If you're working in the Editor no need to go back to the Dashboard to change the flow name. You can do so right then and there by selecting the notepad icon. Then click into the 'Flow Name' section to make your modification and select 'Save'.

Archiving, Deleting and Restoring Flows

To remove flows from your dashboard, you have the option to either archive or delete them.

Archiving a flow is the first step to deleting it entirely. Doing so will unpublish the flow (if it is live), remove it from your dashboard, and place it in the "Archived" status. Deleting a flow will remove it permanently from your account.

To archive a flow:

  1. Find the name of the flow you'd like to archive in your Appcues dashboard (at
  2. Click the menu control in the top righthand corner of the flow card and select "Archive" from the dropdown that appears.

To restore an archived flow:

  1. At filter your dashboard by the Archived flow status
  2. Click the menu in the top righthand corner of the flow card and select "Restore" from the dropdown that appears. 

To delete a flow:

  1. At filter your dashboard by the Archived flow status
  2. Hover over the flow name and select the Delete icon on the left