Checklist Analytics

After you start collecting feedback from customers, you can build reports outside of Appcues using our CSV exports or an integration. Here is a summary of the event names you may find when you export your CSV. Certain checklist events can also be exported via our Public API.

Event Name Event Description
checklist_shown A user has seen the Checklist. This event only fires the first time a checklist is loaded for a user or if the checklist is recalled using our call
checklist_completed A user has fully completed the Checklist
checklist_skipped A user has selected 'No thanks' to dismiss prior to completing all items on the list
checklist_dismissed A user has selected 'No thanks' to dismiss after completing all items on the checklist 
checklist_item_started A user has clicked an item on the Checklist
checklist_item_completed A user has met the success criteria to check an item off of the list   


Default Properties

Each of the above events will have default properties and additional properties related to the event that will be available via the CSV download

Property Name Property Description
timestamp The time at which this event occurred
userId The id for the user that completed the event
currentPageTitle Title of the page the user was on when the event was completed
currentPageUrl      URL of the page the user was on when the event was completed
sessionPageviews  Number of pages the user visited in the session in which the event was completed

Event Specific Properties

Event Name Event Properties
checklistId Internal Id of the checklist (not a targetable option) 
checklistName The name of your checklist 
itemId Internal identifier of the relevant checklist item 
itemIndex List order of the relevant item (starting at 0) 
itemLabel Name of the relevant checklist item (i.e. text of checklist item) 
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