Troubleshooting Checklists

Pro-tip: Check out checklist testing for more information on testing your checklist.

Keep in mind that the checklist is a connector of content: It references many different flows, user criteria, segments, and behaviors. You're unlikely to get everything right on the first try, but if something doesn't work - don't worry! If you are running into issues with your checklist, follow this order of operations for debugging:

  1. Double-check your installation. Can you see other Appcues flows? Can you launch the Appcues debugger (by right-clicking the Chrome Extension and choosing 'Debug flows on this page')? Are the correct events & properties being sent by your app?
  2. Double-check the target audience segment. Are flows targeted to that segment appearing?
  3. Double-check your URL and page targeting. You can use the URL testing tool to ensure pages match as expected.
  4. Double-check each item's completion criteria. What was chosen for the "mark completed when" segment?

Checklist Diagnostics

The checklist diagnostics tool allows you to check whether or not certain users are eligible for your checklist (i.e. to confirm your targeting is set up correctly).

This tool, similar to the flow diagnostics tool, is a great way to check in on the setup of your checklist. 

How to Use the Checklist Diagnostics Tool

1. Navigate to the "Diagnostics" page 

2. Enter a User ID + any page where you expect your checklist to show up

The content diagnostics page contains flow diagnostics as well as checklist diagnostics. In order to get started, you'll need to enter a user ID. If you don't know a user ID to enter, you can find one by clicking "Details" in the "User Identified" row via the  Appcues debugger

3. See the diagnostics

Once you enter the user ID and page, you will see the checklists for which the user is eligible and ineligible. For a detailed view, simply click on the checklist row. It will expand to show the criteria Appcues uses to evaluate whether or not a user is eligible or ineligible.

Do you have feedback on testing checklists? Email us at and let us know - we'd love to hear from you and use your thoughts to build an experience that works perfectly for you and your team! 

Still stuck?

As always, if you have any challenges with your checklist that you can't figure out, reach out to our support team and we'll help sort things out!

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